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Kim, Tori (Chow) and Scooter (Sheltie)

I purchased my first show dog, a Chow named Amber in 1997. 

Her registered name was Dragonslayers Sweet Ambrozia. I did not name her in case you are wondering, her breeder, did the naming. Her name did not express the gentleness and affection that overflowed from her. She truly loved everyone she met.

My sweet Amber was who I named my business after since she launched me into pet grooming. I did professional grooming at the dog shows and later transitioned into pet grooming as a career. I have owned top Champion Chows and Shetland Sheepdogs and still actively show dogs today.

I learned from showing that each dog is groomed to perfection. The look and grooming presentation is the difference between winning and losing. Every dog deserves the best groom, at an affordable price, so I offer top quality without compromise.

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