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luxurious 16 step

spa treatment

1. Grooming assessment with owner to discuss pet's individual needs.

2. Brushing and detangling coat prior to bath.

3. Toe nail clipping.

4. Toe nail sanding to remove sharp or splintered edges.

5. Ear cleaning to remove wax and debris.

6. Excessive ear hair removal on applicable breeds.

7. Luxurious bath in natural Earthbath Brand Shampoos. Free from DEA 

parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, dyes or synthetic perfumes.

8.  Condition with Earthbath leave in coat conditioner.

9. Gland expression.

10. Gentle towel dry massage.

11. Hand drying with high speed professional dryers.

12. Brush and Fluff.

13. Clipping and trimming on applicable breeds.

14. Hand scissor finish on all clips.

15. Hair bows or bandannas.

16. Fresh light frangrance  

      with owner approval.

Flea and Tick baths,coat degreasing for oily coated breeds. Extensive dematting and deshedding services area offered.

 Additonal fee's apply for these services

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